M&T Electric | EV Charging
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Are You Ready?

Scalable, Affordable EV Charging Solutions for Multi-Unit Dwellings, Commercial Properties and Businesses

M&T Electric, Inc. specializes in the design and installation of scalable EV charging solutions for multi-unit dwellings, commercial properties and businesses. Whether you need 4 EV chargers, 50, or a comprehensive plan to put an EV charging station in every parking space at your location, our experience working with all facets of of the installation process from planning to power to final inspection guarantees you the right product, exceptional workmanship and a painless start-to-finish installation experience.

We are power sharing experts, working exclusively with multi-unit dwellings, commercial properties and businesses since 2012. This guarantees you the right product, the most efficient use of power resources and the most cost effective installation plan for property, parking facility or business fleet.

  • Are you an owner, manager or tenant at a multi-unit dwelling or commercial property?
  • Are you looking to expand your fleet of EV vehicles for your business?
  • Do you need to install or add additional EV charging stations at your parking facility?
  • Would you like to know more about scalable EV charging solutions and how it all works?

Call M&T Electric today at 651-967-0280 or contact us online to receive our Get Started kit and to schedule a free consultation.

Scalable, Affordable =
More stations (up to 10x), lower cost and fewer power upgrade requirements. =

Our SmartPower Technology EV charging products combined with our turnkey installation process guarantees that you get more charging stations at a much lower cost than with traditional “one at a time” installations – and with far better usage of your existing and future power resources. Scalable also means that you have a solid plan in place that meets both current and future needs with maximum cost efficiency.

Experience You Can Rely On

Our established process quarantees you a start to finish installation experience that does not require additional work from you or your team members. From the initial introduction through the final inspection we manage all the legwork and details, allowing you remain focused on business as usual with your tenants and work teams.

Ready to get started? Got questions? Call us at today at 651-967-0820 or contact us online to receive our Get Started Kit and to schedule an estimate for EV Charging Stations at your property.

Why Should You Choose M&T Electric For Your EV Charging Solutions

We work exclusively with multi-unit dwellings, commercial properties and businesses.

We are power sharing experts. We have been installing EV charging stations since 2012.

We stand by our work. We guarantee superior products and exceptional service.